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2021-2025 Priorities


Economic Recovery

I believe it is important to have some continuity and proven leadership on council to continue our path forward during the next wave and through post pandemic recovery. 


Capital Plan

The current council has been working on updating our 10 year capital plan to be relevant to community needs. This past Spring we did a survey to understand resident priorities. The next council will have to make important decisions on how we manage the economic recovery while meeting the needs of the City and maintaining our assets.

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Regional Transportation Services Commission

Ensuring the Regional Transportation Services Commission is seen through to services starting is important for our whole region. This is a forward thinking project that ensures as our population grows we have affordable efficient transportation for all through out the region.


Investment In Youth

I have some ideas for increasing the support we can provide to youth in our community to help grow the next generation of leaders and provide pathways for success.

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     Secondary Water Line

 The City of Fort Sask has begun to negotiate with the Water Commission to establish a new fee structure that is more fair to our users. At the same time we need to continue research on a new water line, should an appropriate agreement not be reached we need to have this planning in place.

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