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2017-2021 Review

There is no I in team and this council accomplished a lot together over the past 4 years. Here are some highlights I am proud of!

Council Accomplishments

Commitment to Public Safety:
   - Investment in and implementation of Vision Zero
   - Creation of a Domestic Violence Position at the RCMP detachment
   - Move to a 24/7 fire Department and purchase of 2 fire trucks to replace aging equipment
   - Committed funds to commercial vehicle enforcement
   - Investment in crosswalk improvements across the city
   - modified speeds on several roads
   - Moving forward with diversity and inclusion training and implementation across organization
   - Investment in updating Emergency Management Program
   - Increased funding for more RCMP and Municipal Enforcement Officers
   - Committed funds to truth and reconciliation work which has begun

Recreation Projects:
   - Gymnastics Facility
   - Beach Volleyball Courts
   - Skateboard Park Expansion
   -  Pickleball Courts
   - A HUGE shout out to our city staff for the amazing work they did on the West River's Edge outdoor rec amenities last winter. 

Financial Stabilization:
   - The following policies were put in place: Reserve and Optimal Balance Policy, Debt Management Policy, Operating Surplus Allocation Policy, User Fee Policy, Investment Policy, Operating and Capital Budget Policy, Tangible Capital Assets Policy...and many more
   - Implemented Priority Based Budgeting 
   - Management and Financial Reporting- monthly variance analysis and tri annual reporting 

Intermunicipal Governmental:
   - Establishment of the Regional Transit Services Commission
   - Annexation Completion
   - Alliance Study completed and creation of Alliance Agreement with Strathcona County
   - Joined RMA as associate member
   - Animal Control Building
   -Water Meter replacement and tower reading
   - Transfer station upgrade
   - Harbour Pool  Changeroom Enhancement
   - Pedestrian bridge under the river bridge expansion
   - Westpark Reservoir Expansion


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